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Planning & Strategy

  • Financial Planning of your Green Project
  • Spatial Design for Optimal Growth
  • Timing & Strategy for Planting
  • Garden Specific Technology Solutions

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  • Material acquisition
  • Garden Installations

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Maintenance & Support

  • Garden maintenance
  • Disease Care

Gardening Options
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Backyard Gardens

Indian independent homes have the luxurious backyards just waiting to be turned productive. Whether you want a flower bed, a food patch or an aesthetic mix and match blend of plants that fulfil all your domestic needs and dreams- we have a plan for you.

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Balcony Gardens

Do not be disheartened if your green dreams are bigger than what your apartment can serve. Let us work on those over- looked balconies and create calming Zen gardens or surprising food pockets. You will be amused by what your Balconies can turn out to be with the right kind of planning from Hydro Tribe.

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Container Gardening

Industries and Companies often approach us to design Container Garden Systems. For spaces where land is not available, container gardening comes to the rescue. It is an efficient and neat way to establish Green Pockets around spaces of all scales.

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Indoor Gardens

Do your love your plants so much that you want to bring them indoors? Indoor plants are not just efficient air pockets. They can look better than any other Interior Design idea that you have. We will pick and choose which plants go where and teach you how to do indoor garden care. Good air quality never hurt anyone!

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Kitchen Gardening

Can there be any better food choice than growing your own food? With all the chemicals, waxes, genetic modifications and other unspeakable horrors that you are being handed out in the market these days, growing a Kitchen Garden must take precedence as a safe- health measure at every house hold. It need not give you everything you need for all 3 meals throughout 365 days; even a little healthy addition goes a long way.

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Roof- Top Gardens

The sky is the limit to what you can do with a roof top garden. Some of our clients turned their hobby of roof top gardening into a source of money. Roof Top Gardens harness the abundance of sunlight and turn them into joyful greens.

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Herb Gardens

Herbs can be medicinal, culinary or both. Adding a dash of it will change the entire taste of a dish. It is one of the easiest ways to add spice to your life, literally! Our easy to maintain herb gardens will turn out to be the best decision you made.

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Vertical Gardening

For clients that are into modern landscapes, we have the luxurious Vertical walls. For clients that complain of lack of space, we have the multi- functional Vertical towers. Our technology will make sure that the maintenance is also easy - peasy.

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Land Scaping

Nothing speaks shabby more than a poorly designed garden. Our landscaping experts and designers will make sure that your Green Landscape looks right out of the pages of Architectural Digest. Water gardens, Vertical Walls, Art installations, Lighting Design, Seating Arrangements- all come together to give you an ambience you can’t stop loving.

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Institutional Gardens

Offices, Industries, and Institutions have specific requirements for their Green Belts. Most times, they hire a professional gardener to look after their gardens. We design Institutional Gardens keeping in mind the functionality, look and feel they’d like us to curate for them.